Oriental Rug Specialists, Inc.
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Oriental Rug Repair

Oriental Rug Specialists, Inc. will repair your oriental rug by hand. We specialize in rug fringe replacements, fringe repair and rug serging. With over 40 years of expertise, we will ensure your rug is restored to your liking, with a 100% guarantee.

An oriental rug will last for generations, with the proper care.

oriental rug repair overview

All oriental rugs and carpets are repaired by hand. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for a regular repair. Our weavers are expert in the field and we have over 40 years experience in rug and carpet restoration and re-coloration. All oriental rug and carpet repairs have 12 month guarantee and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Most Common problems are water damage from floods or potted plants, moth and larvae damage, animal bites/scraping, and normal wear & tear.


rug repairing services

Our professional services include:

Serging and Fringing are the most common repairs and the most important to secure the longevity and value to your oriental rugs and carpets. We will examine your Oriental rug to determine the type of replacement fringe or edge serging it needs.

Reweaving is the most time consuming and most effective method to repair your Oriental rug. We clean the damaged area of your rug and sew new threads matching the texture and color of your rugs original pattern.

Patching is an inexpensive and common method of repair as it will aesthetically make your rug and carpet look great.

Repairing Oriental Rug

Repairing Oriental Rug