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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Specialists, Inc. cleans rugs and carpets throughout New Jersey and New York. All rugs are cleaned delivately by hand and machine on both sites, with a natural cleaning solution.

why our company lasted 5 gengerations 

Most rug cleaning companies clean all types of carpets and oriental rugs by machine only. Rug cleaning is an art and our company takes pride in restoring your rugs by hand. We have earned a strong reputation with our customers, by delivering delicate care for your cherished valuables. We are highly recommended by rug retailers, insurance companies, and customers throughout New Jersey and areas of New York.

why cleaning your rug is important

The process of rug cleaning ultimately affects the longevity of your rug and surprisingly, protects your health from bacteria, fungus, pollens and mites that reside in your rugs. Depending on the volume of traffic your rug receives, we strongly recommend rug cleaning oriental rugs and carpets every 1-3 years. Also, rug padding is the best way to protect your rug or carpet from wear and tear and we highly recommend using a synthetic pad if you have furniture on top of your rug.

EPA even suggests that indoor air quality improves when rugs and carpets are thoroughly cleaned. 

We provide the most thorough and delicate rug cleaning process for your rugs; oriental rugs, antique oriental rugs, decorator rugs, American-made rugs, machine made area rugs.

rug cleaning process

What is our approach to rug cleaning?

Our business model, mixes both old-world technique and modern technology. Any rug or carpet cleaned by us is delicately cleaned by hand and by machine on both sides, with a natural cleaning solution. 

After the rug has been washed, we give it a fresh rinse which removes the loose dirt and cleaning solution from the rug.  

Lastly, we clean the rug’s fringes by hand with a special delicate brush. Fringes are used to protect the original pattern and longevity of your rug, and are usually quite fragile. When we clean you rug’s fringes by hand, we clean them gently but thoroughly enough so they look great and stay intact.  The rug is then wiped of excessive moisture, inspected for stains, treated for any stains, and cleaned again. 

When the process is complete, the rug is hung to dry, or laid on a flat-bed, in a temperature regulated room. 

most frequently diagnosed cleaning solutions

  • Pet stain removal and rug restoration 
  • Juice, food, and dirt stains
  • Flood damage
  • Mildew or other odors
  • Fringe stains
Hand Washing Oriental Rug

Hand Washing Oriental Rug