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Oriental Rug Appraisals

Know what your rug is worth. Oriental Rug Specialists, Inc. will provide you with your rugs value and a history of your rugs origin. Appraisals will protect the value of your rug.

Each rug has its own value and identity, just like artwork.

know what your rug is worth

Our Rug Appraisals focus on the value of antique rugs, semi-antique rugs, and new rugs including modern contemporary and traditional. Oriental Rug Specialists, Inc. can provide an accurate appraisal of your rug's value.

Rug appraisals are needed to identify rugs and answer questions about the rug's origin, age and value. Insurance companies use this information in the event something happens to your rug. As the value of your rug changes over time, it is important to protect the value of your rug at a given time.

We will provide you with the proper documentation to ensure your rug's value and identity can be monetized. 

Our appraisals are based on many factors, such as the origin of the rug, the size, description, quality, condition etc. We work with some top insurance companies, which include:  Chubb InsuranceLiberty MutualState Farm and Decker Associates.  

We are local, reputable rug appraisers who travel to you ourselves, servicing the New York and New Jersey area. We appraise rugs with a wide variety of conditions such as fire damage, smoke damage and water damage. We also service appraisals for loss due to theft or if you would just like the know the value of your piece.

Finely Woven Oriental Rug

Finely Woven Oriental Rug